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NEJ NIJ: A New Approach to Elementary/Intermediate Japanese
NIJ: A New Approach to Intermediate Japanese


Koichi Nishiguchi
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2,420 yen (tax included)
978-4-87424-775-4 C0081
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Nov 7, 2018
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<NEJ NIJ: A New Approach to Elementary/Intermediate Japanese>
■Koichi Nishiguchi
Have you ever wished you had a whole conversation ready in your linguistic arsenal? NEJ: A New Approach to Elementary Japanese allows you to jump right into conversations with Japanese speakers by equipping you with the fundamentals of Japanese. You memorize a “master text” in each unit and adapt it to tell your own story. You will have fun telling your story, and gain ample practice expressing yourself in live conversation!

The “master text” also helps you acquire fundamental grammar forms and vocabulary for different contexts you may encounter. The accompanying workbook contains worksheets for you to practice using Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and grammar forms in your own writing.

Level: Beginner, Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N4 level
Audio Recordings: Download online
Translations Available: English, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese

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