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Reading Road

Reading Japan from Angles

AJALT, Association for Japanese-Language Teaching
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2,420 yen (tax included)
978-4-87424-792-1 C0081
Release date
Apr 11, 2019
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Let your interests guide you and begin reading from anywhere, anytime.

Carefully curated 35 texts are divided into 5 sections, each centered on universal aspects of humanity: “harmony,” “mind,” “beauty,” “play,” and “life.” The topics cover a wide range from Japanese food, arts, and literature to contemporary issues such as the environment and the latest science and technology, and broader discussions on peace and war.

Each section has 3 “lessons” that progress in difficulty and each lesson has “Grammar Notes” which shows important kanji to know in context (Key Kanji) and a way to check your comprehension level (Tashikameyō). There is also further readings for those up for the challenge.

This is a bulk reading and reading comprehension textbook designed to nurture your reading abilities, satisfy your intellectual curiosity about Japan and the world, and to deepen your understanding of different topics.

Suited for independent learners.

Level: Pre-intermediate level (JLPT N3/N4) learners advancing to the intermediate level.

Translations available (for all vocabulary and expressions above the pre-intermediate level, “Key Kanji”, “Grammar Notes,” and all of the reading comprehension texts): English, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese